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August 26, 2023 - "Sobriety and Mental Health: Hospitalised Days Before My Wedding Due To Addiction." 

The Health Collective

October 2023 - Episode 121 - Live Success Study Interview with Lynsey Retzlaff

The CEO Clinician

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November 2023 - Episode 79 - "Combating Burnout in Motherhood"

The Worthy Mother

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November, 2023 - "Changing Generational Patterns with Lynsey Retzlaff" 

Keep Calm, Mother On

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January 2024 - "A Working Mom's Sobering Reflection"

The Trusted Friend

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Fall cleaning checklist – 9 tasks to tick off for a seasonal deep clean

Homes & Garden

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Meet Lynsey Retzlaff - Behind the scenes stories about leadership, her career & speaking/coaching services

Canvas Rebel

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Embracing Risk in Leadership

Bold Journey

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13 Ways To Be a Good Mom That Make a Lasting Difference, According to Experts

Parade Magazine

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Which Legacy Ideas About Leadership Need To Be Discarded, And Which New Approaches Should Be Embraced

Authority Magazine


Women In Wellness: The Top 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started Renewing My Life

Authority Magazine