As a mindset and mental wellness speaker, working mom coach, and licensed therapist, Lynsey Retzlaff shares her insights to impact lives of people at home and work.

She is a mother of two and has over 10 years of experience in the mental health field. Through this experience, she has found joy in helping working mothers redefine, renew, and reclaim their journeys. 

As a result of redefining her own life, she partners with companies on mental wellness solutions to address burnout which impacts the bottom line of every working person. 

Lynsey's most notable features to date have been in the well-known Parade and Authority magazines and her insights can be heard on multiple podcasts. 

Are you ready to live more intentionally, create healthy environments, and love your life at home or work? 

I was too...

You experience pressure to excel in your career, show up for your family, and still want to have a personal life, but where is the time?!

Do you remember the last time you woke up excited to start the day?

You wish things were easier, either in your career or at home. You're not the only one tired of trying to piece it all together. 

Burnout, lack of support and appreciation, unsafe environments, and negative thoughts keep you from showing up a a healthy leader in your home or workplace.

Show me how


Working Mom?

Show me how

Let’s work together to achieve balance and purpose!

After leaving a job that was draining me, having two children, and many years of self-improvement from therapy and coaching, I created a life full of purpose, happiness, connected relationships, and a healthy mind.


My work as a psychotherapist in the mental health field for 10+ years, along with personal struggles, led me to identify which behaviors and beliefs limit our ability to make change.


My work as a trauma therapist led to me realize the treatment methods used to rewrite a survivors story is exactly what I did during three major redefining moments in my life:

I didn't feel supported, safe, or confident….

6 years ago, I was exhausted from being a new mom, trying to excel in my career, and burnt out from a toxic work environment.

My story!

This is why I took the best concepts and tools from my diverse experience and knowledge of best treatment practices and created a 5 part framework to show you how to renew your life - Purpose filled, happiness, connected relationships, and a healthy balanced mind and life.


I get to coach and speak to women all over the world and teach them how to beat burnout and live fulfilling lives.


Career pivot after being in a toxic work environment and feeling burned out from motherhood and stress.


2nd major redefining moment of my life:


Got a job at one of the best mental and behavioral health hospitals in the US.


Happily married a wonderful man (But it took a prior divorce and relearning what makes a happy relationship).


Graduated with a Masters in Social Work.


Graduated with my Bachelors Degree (Yep, couldn't finish it before mental health recovery!).


1st major redefining moment of my life: Recovery from anxiety.

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