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Let me show you how to create a peaceful and enjoyable life - at home and work!

Feel tired of juggling home and work life while trying to live life to the fullest?

The renewed working mom narrative program™

The traditional working mom narrative is no longer working. Times have changed and moms are burned out. 

The answers are inside the authentic you - let me help you redefine, renew, and reclaim your working mom narrative

Let's face it - everyone in your life tells you how you should live.
Your partner, employer, family, and society.

With all the choas of raising a family and working full time, life started to feel like a chore.

what you need is a clear roadmap and techniques from my therapy office....

What if you could enjoy your life by doing less? 

Grab the guide

Lay a solid foundation to create an aligned life that brings calm and enjoyment.

Feel tired from trying to balance home and work life?



confident in your next move

Overworked & limited time 


Burnt out, stuck & unmotivated


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— Molly V. | Coaching Client

If you are overwhelmed as a working mom, I highly recommend working with Lynsey!"

Lynsey connected with me on a level today where I’ve never felt so understood before. It’s like she had a window to all the thoughts that have been running through my mind. Knowing she’s been there gives me hope that there is a way out of this mindset."

— Audience Testimonial

Lynsey has a unique blend of skills that make her a great match for any client or system. She is able to blend humor, honesty, warmth, and authenticate caring to help navigate difficult parts of change."

— Dr. Chad Wetterneck, PhD, Clinical Director of Trauma Recovery Services | Rogers Behavioral Health

Have negative thoughts (Hello, Mom Guilt!) or feel anxious

Are uncomfortable setting boundaries and tend to "people please"

Find it hard to be present and enjoy your family

Feel overwhelmed by all the tasks on your to-do list and everything seems like a priority

Do it all and have little help

Want to deepen your understanding of yourself

Who is this for?

If you:

Focus on what you need in each coaching session:

  • Redefining Mindset/Beliefs
  • Renewing Relationships
  • Realistic systems
  • Refining your life roadmap
  • Restoring inner peace

What's inside?

All the tools you need to create an enjoyable life, stop burnout & thrive - at home and in your career.

the renewed working mom narrative™ Coaching program


program benefits:







Redefine your beliefs, mindset, and goals to be aligned with your authentic needs and desires

Shatter imposture syndrome, anxiety, and people pleasing at the source

Cultivate supportive relationships through effective tools while increasing connection

Protect your peace and time through your renewed roadmap to an enjoyable life

Discover proven skills to be present with your family and at work

Develop systems that reduce mental load, get others on board, and support your growth journey

• An easy to follow workbook to help you actually implement what you learned (Without implementation, what good is this program?)

• Unlimited Slack voice text support between sessions so you don't have to wait to get help and answers.

• Weekly voice check-in's from me to make sure you are on track (Think of me as your pocket cheerleader!)


• Bi-Weekly 1:1 personalized coaching calls over Zoom so you can get coached on the areas that cause you stress.

• Redefine your life story through practical strategies I teach in the therapy office (that yield successful results!)


What's included:


5. To Visit:

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4. To Listen to:

tea, please!

3. To Drink:

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2. To Read:

Reruns of the office

1. To Watch: 

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Isn't it time you put yourself first and jump into your new life?

Common Qs and As:

i have a question...

I'm worried I'm too busy for the program.

There is a common misconception that working on yourself is very time consuming and requires a ton of free time. This is false. The concepts taught in the coaching framework are broken down into bite sized, actionable strategies, so you can see massive results in your current schedule. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! You are worth investing in! Half of the program cost will be taken out to save your spot and the other half will be taken out 30 days later.

What is the difference between a therapist and a coach?

Think of a coach like a personal guide to show you the way. They have already done the thing you are wanting to do and have years of experience and knowledge in that area. 
Therapy involves a therapeutic relationship where the therapist takes a deep dive into your history/life story and provides psychological treatment and interventions to treat mental health symptoms. 

Coaching is effective and helpful if you are ready to put in the effort to apply the concepts. I cannot do the work for you and I can teach you the skills to achieve your goals. The first time I invested in a coaching program was scary as I had the same fears. It turned out to be an incredible investment - I'm still seeing the benefits!

If you are willing to challenge your mindset and your safety zone, I can show you the way to lasting change. 

Do you have a coaching certification?

I do not have a coaching certification. I am a licensed therapist with many years of diverse training and experience in the mental and behavioral health field. 
At this time, there are no laws regulating coaches. If you want to work with a coach, do research on their background and expertise to ensure you will receive quality service.

Do you guarantee results?

I cannot guarantee your results as everyone is different and at different stages of change. I cannot make you do the work. 
What I can tell you are the techniques and solutions I teach are evidence-based and have provided results for many clients who did put in the work, asked questions, and were coachable.


Schedule a call so I can best answer your questions - I'm more than happy to help you.

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I give you easy steps to end the daily struggle. Walk away with confidence in knowing how to prioritize your time for work-life alignment.

Benefits of alignment include:
  • More time for what you enjoy
  • Connection with family
  • Ability to create effective systems
  • More calmness and peace

Tired of wishing you could align work and home life?

The Unapologetic Roadmap To Your Renewed Life™