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Need a panelist for your next event? Receive action strategies through powerful discussion.


Lynsey's proprietary methods provide education and concrete takeaways on effective communication, burnout, emotional intelligence, renewing your personal and professional life, and mindset. Chose between a traditional workshop format or a more casual fireside chat. Provided in-person or virtually.

workshops & Fireside chats

Each presentation is strategic, action-oriented, inspiring, and includes story-telling for maximum engagement and impact. Available for national or international events (in-person or virtually).


For Conferences & Universities

→ Differentiate between burnout and complacency.

→ Define and reframe unproductive thought patterns.

→ Apply non-negotiables to protect their mental and emotional state.

→ Identify steps to recover from or prevent burnout.

→ Identify how to apply emotional intelligence to leadership

Your audience will be able to:

Are you experiencing mental exhaustion from being pulled in a thousand different directions? If yes, you’re not alone. We focus on burnout and complacent living, and the quiet way it keeps you from advancing in your personal and professional life. Perfect for leaders, especially women, who want to navigate life transitions that leave you unsure of your next move. Burnout is caused by extreme chronic stress - and it’s not the end game. It’s time to ditch exhaustion and redefine, renew, and reclaim your life story to one that matters most to you. This happens through strategic steps and solutions that will catapult you to become a healthier version of yourself. Are you ready?

R.e.N.E.w. Your life with emotional intelligence™

Keynote or Workshop

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— Molly V. | Coaching Client

Lynsey did a fantastic job with the presentation to my staff. All of the staff present had good things to say about the material she presented."

Lynsey connected with me on a level today where I’ve never felt so understood before. It’s like she had a window to all the thoughts that have been running through my mind. Knowing she’s been there gives me hope that there is a way out of this mindset."

— Audience Testimonial

Lynsey has a unique blend of skills that make her a great match for any client or system. She is able to blend humor, honesty, warmth, and authenticate caring to help navigate difficult parts of change."

— Dr. Chad Wetterneck, PhD, Clinical Director of Trauma Recovery Services | Rogers Behavioral Health

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isn't it time to be mentally well at work?

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Do you travel for speaking engagements?

Yes! I travel locally in Wisconsin, nationally, and internationally.

What topics are covered in your services?

I am most booked for topics on burnout prevention, mental wellness, emotional intelligence, psychological safety, and leadership. Submit an inquiry HERE to discuss what service supports your event mission.