Are your employees' stress levels affecting their work and impacting company culture?

Burnout is caused by chronic stress over an extended period of time and impacts your company culture and bottom line. 

Work stress isn't the only offender...

burnout costs companies time, talent, and healthy culture.

More employees today report increased levels of unhappiness and burnout in the workplace.


"9.8 million working moms are suffering from burnout."

 "70% of the C-suite...considered quitting to search for a job that responded to their mental health and well-being. 43% of middle managers reported burnout."


"68% of working mothers reported burnout."

— Ohio State University

Let's focus on the root, so you can stop reinventing the wheel with other "wellness" solutions that bandaid the problem.

Lynsey is a pleasure to work with! She is very knowledgeable, conscientious, and has great follow through. Planning our session with her was a breeze! Lynsey delivered a high impact & engaging virtual session on Career Moms & Empathetic Leadership. The attendees loved her style, fact-based approach, as well as how effectively she connected with our employees. No small feat in this medium! I would highly recommend Lynsey."

- Trish Peña, Director of DEI and Community Outreach | Versiti

Take it from a therapist who hears what employees say after working hours.

In my therapy office, I find that most people do not have the skills necessary to manage stress.

Stress from home also impacts the workplace.

Stressors from home OR work causes people to:
  • Become negative regarding their work
  • Take more time off of work
  • Lose interest in their job
  • Waste company time
  • Leave a company if they are not supported


Let's give them the skills....

years of experience in the mental health field


average improvement in emotional wellness scores


happy clients served


program value rating from attendees


Positive mindset, open-mindedness, and clarity about oneself and others creates supportive behaviors and attractive environments where people want to stay

secure mind

Actionable skills to cope with stress and a support network decreases time taken off of work and improves professional growth as signs of burnout can be addressed at first sight


The ability for employees to show up as their authentic self, free from judgement, improves communication, well-being, and community


Provide your team with the 3 pieces to burnout prevention and retain top talent

Create a thriving environment

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Communicate effectively
Make decisions
Stay productive throughout the work day
Lead teams
Adapt to change
Create healthy culture

So leaders and employees can:

Lynsey connected with me on a level today where I’ve never felt so understood before. It’s like she had a window to all the thoughts that have been running through my mind. Knowing she’s been there gives me hope that there is a way out of this mindset."

— Audience Testimonial

Lynsey has a unique blend of skills that make her a great match for any client or system. She is able to blend humor, honesty, warmth, and authenticate caring to help navigate difficult parts of change."

— Dr. Chad Wetterneck, PhD, Clinical Director of Trauma Recovery Services | Rogers Behavioral Health

— Molly V. | Coaching Client

If you are overwhelmed as a working mom, I highly recommend working with Lynsey!"

We will go through in-depth questions to identify your company's core needs and discuss the services that will provide lasting change.

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Step 1

retain employees in 3 simple phases

An assessment will be done to determine which areas are impacted by employee/leadership stress.
Services to address burnout include speaking or training with evidence-based techniques and skills to address the root cause of stress. Say "Goodbye" to bandaids!

assessment + tailored services

Step 2

Through Lynsey's proprietary framework, leaders and/or employees will be provided actionable strategies and techniques they can implement right away.
Lynsey can also be available for after-program support for consistency and expert assistance.

service provided

Step 3

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office hours

Need a panelist for your next event? Receive action strategies through powerful discussion.


Lynsey's proprietary methods provide education and concrete takeaways on effective communication, burnout, emotional intelligence, renewing your personal and professional life, and mindset. Chose between a traditional workshop format or a more casual fireside chat. Provided in-person or virtually.

workshops & Fireside chats

Each presentation is strategic, action-oriented, inspiring, and includes story-telling for maximum engagement and impact. Available for national or international events (in-person or virtually).


I provide 5 services to companies that can be combined into a package tailored to your needs.

Ways I Work with companies

Want to ensure your team has full support to implement change personally? Office hours are available after a keynote or workshop so your team can receive accountability and personalized feedback on individualized barriers to implementing the program content. As a therapist, I know that each person is unique and requires personalized support to thrive. 


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As a mindset and mental wellness speaker, working mom coach, and licensed therapist, Lynsey Retzlaff shares her insights to impact lives of people at home and work. 

She is a mother of two and has over 10 years of experience in the mental health field. Through this experience, she has found joy in helping working mothers redefine, renew, and reclaim their journeys. 

As a result of redefining her own life, she partners with companies on mental wellness solutions to address burnout which impacts the bottom line of every working person. 

Lynsey's most notable features to date have been in the well-known Parade, Authority, Homes & Garden, and Canvas Rebel magazines and her insights can be heard on multiple podcasts. 

Hello there! I'm Lynsey.


→ Differentiate between burnout and complacency.

→ Define and reframe unproductive thought patterns.

→ Apply non-negotiables to protect their mental and emotional state.

→ Identify steps to recover from or prevent burnout.

Your audience will be able to:

Are you experiencing mental exhaustion from being pulled in a thousand different directions? If yes, you’re not alone. We focus on burnout and complacent living, and the quiet way it keeps you from advancing in your personal and professional life. Perfect for leaders, especially women, who want to navigate life transitions that leave you unsure of your next move. Burnout is caused by extreme chronic stress - and it’s not the end game. It’s time to ditch exhaustion and redefine, renew, and reclaim your life story to one that matters most to you. This happens through strategic steps and solutions that will catapult you to become a healthier version of yourself. Are you ready?

Redefine Burnout, Renew limiting beliefs™

Keynote or Workshops

keynote topics

→ Recognize examples of workplace and societal bias against working mothers.

→ Assess how stigmas affect mental wellness as a career mom.

→ Identify strategies for overcoming the motherhood penalty.

→ Explain how motherhood skills translate into effective leadership qualities.

→ Implement emotional intelligence skills as a non-negotiable asset in motherhood and leadership.

Your audience will be able to:

Do you feel unseen or unjustly held back due to your role as a career mom? Many mothers working outside of the home do. From unsupported pumping sessions to making less than your male counterparts, these are examples of the “motherhood penalty.” Career moms and leaders will benefit as you explore the undeniable truths motherhood provides to thrive at work despite societal norms and how this unique skill set is essential to effective leadership. Perfect for career moms who want to feel seen and supported and leaders ready to help and advance mothers in the workplace. 

5 Undeniable truths about motherhood & empathetic leadership™

Keynote or Workshops

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