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Are you a working mother feeling weighed down by the never-ending cycle of tasks and responsibilities? Do you wonder why everything feels like a chore? If so, you’re not alone. Many working mothers experience the sensation that everything feels like a chore—a relentless burden that drains their energy and dampens your spirits. But why does […]

Why Everything Feels Like a Chore

You're stuck in a rut and everything feels like a chore. Create more enjoyment in your life as a working mom.


It is well-known that our work experiences can have profound effects on various aspects of our lives. However, what many employers fail to realize is the impact of parents’ work, along with toxic work environments, and how it affects the development of children. A longitudinal study conducted by researchers on low-wage, working-class families sheds light […]

How Parents’ Work Affects Children (And What Companies Can Do)

Happiness levels of parents at work determine development of children

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